In a Small Town Called Agua Fria

Agua Fria is a small unincorporated area located about 18 miles northeast of Monterrey proper, the capital of Nuevo Leon, identified by the intersection of highways 70 and the terminus of 186. The International Airport of Monterrey lies just south of Agua Fria.

A Battle For Independence

Although the first settlers appeared in the Monterrey area over 12,000 years ago, the process of settling Monterrey was still underway at the time of Vincente’s birth. For example, the battle for independence from Spain concluded on 3 July 1821 when Gaspar Lopez, governor of Nuevo Leon, proclaimed the independence of Monterrey. Not long after declaring its independence from Spain, Mexico and the United States fought the Mexican-American War. This war resulted in Mexico losing more than half of its territory to the United States on September 23, 1846 when the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed at the conclusion of the Battle of Monterrey.

The Tipping Point

Unrest was to continue well into the Mexican Revolution that started around Vincente’s 13th birthday. The atmosphere in Mexico was tumultuous in the first two decades of the twentieth century as the Revolution unfolded. It concluded in 1917 with a new constitution for Mexico but Monterrey itself was left in a state of banditry; personifying the wild, wild west of yore. A more peaceful location became the priority of Vincente.

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